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MPG mania

A couple of weeks ago Wendy Kaufman reported on NPR’s Morning Edition that

“Demand for traditional SUVs has fallen dramatically over the past year. As gas prices have risen, many consumers have turned to smaller cars, or SUV hybrids.”

She’s got that right. With prices around the world as high as $6.50 / gallon, and an average cost of $2.13 / gallon here in the U.S., it is no wonder that people are finally paying attention.

Still, it is too bad that you have to hurt a person’s pocket book before they do something environmentally-friendly. I’ve long believed that the fed should put a gigantic tax on gas — raising our prices to the world average price — and use that tax revenue to further develop renewable energy technology and infrastructure here in the U.S. I really believe that is the only way we are ever going to catch up with places like Iceland.

Today I’ll be filling up tank number 7 on my Ford Escape Hybrid SUV. I’ve had it for 2 months now and have been quite pleased with its performance so far. There is nothing quite like sitting at a stop light surrounded by cars billowing-out noxious fumes while I sit there with my gas engine OFF and a grin on my face. Unfortunately, though, there are very few people in the midwest that have had that experience. So far I’ve only seen about 4 other hybrids around town. Oh well, let OPEC keep cutting off chunks of their wallet and they’ll eventually come around.

My current gas-mileage.