Today I’ve been listening to Shawn McDonald’s new album Roots on  One of the tracks is called Clarity.  Ahh, yes, I could use some clarity today.  The interviews I’ve been conducting haven’t been going all that great.  The list of the home-improvement projects that need to be done before things completely fall apart is endless (but the bank account and available time to complete them with are not).  Decisions need to be made in how to handle my various new responsibilities with my new job.  And then there is the issue of child rearing.  I’ve been reading a couple of books the last couple of evenings.  One refers to this process as training and the other as shepherding.  Both (along with some recent behaviors at home) make me seriously wonder if we’ve let some issues carry on too long to resolve them now.  It sure would be nice to have some clarity and directions in all these areas.  But as Indeed magazine reminded me this morning, it’s not as-if I’m in control anyway.