And the Word was made flesh.

This year in 2010, I made a valiant effort to read through the Bible.  I had only successfully done hat before once that I can recall, back in High School. That time I did it with the King James Version and most of the time I was reading it while simultaneously listening to it on audio-cassette. This year most of the Bible was consumed via the paraphrase version The Message.  I also mostly “listened” to it via mp3 recordings rather than reading, although I did a fair amount of it reading while listening to the mp3’s.  I find that hearing the Word while reading it helps it sink in a little better and also helps to keep my mind from wandering.  I haven’t quite finished my reading for the year, and have about 8 books of the Old Testament to wrap-up in the next eight days.  I’m hopeful that all the holiday travels we have to do the next few days will give me enough time to get it done.

Next year, Jeannie and I will be trying something new when it comes to studying the Bible.  Today we opened our Christmas presents as a family.  For Jeannie I got an Amazon Kindle along with a digital copy of her favorite Bible, the Archaeological Study Bible.  For myself, Jeannie had purchased an awesome new Bible software program put out by Zondervan and Immersion Digital called the Glo Bible.  Shortly after buying it, we found out that our church body will be reading through The One Year Bible together in 2011.  So we may be buying the New Living Translation version of that Bible for the Kindle as well.

This evening as the kids played with their Christmas presents, Jeannie has been reading on her new Kindle and I’ve been working at installing Glo and getting it running.  You can either install all the media (which comes on 3 DVD disks and takes about 3 hours to install) or stream the multi-media features over the Internet.  I’ve enjoyed watching the first 4 chapters of the included HD video book, In His Shoes, as well as exploring the story of the Nativity.  I’m excited about these new ways of digging into the Bible during 2011.