Elijah being fed by the ravens.

What’s in a name?

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of stress and activity.  Our daughter, Corvina Lyn, was born five weeks early when my wife became pre-eclamptic.  We’ve had a lot of questions about how we came up with the rather unique name.  My wife would probably be fine with just the “sound” of a name, but I’m a stickler for the meaning of the name.

My own name, depending on what reference source you go with, means Priceless/Flourishing/Praise-Worthy (Anthony) and “Strength of a Bear” (Barrett).

My first child’s name is Aliyah Jordan.  Her mother and I picked out the names because they are of Hebrew origin and her mother majored in Antiquities and Biblical Studies and had studied Hebrew.  Aliyah means “ascending” or “going up” and Jordan means “descending” or “going down”.  We liked the Hebrew origin and the “rhythm”  of the name’s meaning.

When Jeannie and I had our first child I was really torn between naming him Anthony Barrett, Jr/II or giving him his “own” name.  We had narrowed names down to that and Benjamin Kristopher but didn’t decide until we were forced to fill out the birth certificate at the hospital.  We ended-up going with Benjamin Kristopher.  Benjamin is also of Hebrew roots and means “Son of my right hand” and Kristopher is Greek for “Christ-bearer”.  We went with the alternate spelling Kristopher instead of Christopher so that it would match Jeannie’s middle name (Kristine) and so that his initials would both be sequential with his sister’s.

Elijah being fed by the ravens.So we went into this pregnancy with a sequence to keep up (A.J., B.K, C.L.).  When we were going through the baby name books/sites we came across the name Corvina, which is latin for “raven”.  Instantly we were drawn to the name given my life verse of 1 Kings 17:4 and started looking for a girl name that started with L and meant stream/brook/creek.  The closest we could find that we liked was Lyn which means “lake” or “waterfall”.  We kept looking periodically for other C names but never found one that we particularly liked better than Corvina.  When she was born 5 weeks early and had lots of very dark hair we decided to just go with our first choice.   So we dubbed her Corvina Lyn, a testament to the providence of God in even the darkest of circumstances.