Four-Star Adventure

I’ve been an Amazon Prime member for several years, I try to always leave reviews on the products that I buy, and have always hoped to be selected as a participant of Amazon Vine – Amazon’s internal product review program. A few days ago, I noticed a blog post on my Facebook news-feed that was about how to receive free or discounted products in exchange for an honest review of the product. I assumed that the post would be about the Amazon Vine program, but was surprised to find it was actually about other websites/programs that provide a similar service. I signed up for a few of them just to see what they were like. Some of the sites provide deals on a first-come, first-served basis. Others you can request the deal and the seller reviews your request and approves or declines it. So far, all of the ones that I’ve had to “request” have been declined or are still pending approval. But of the first-come, first-serve deals, I have received coupon codes that enabled me to purchase 5 Amazon products that I would normally be interested in buying that were worth 141.37 for $6.22. The products will start arriving on Monday, and I look forward to sharing my reviews and comments about the adventure with you here in the days ahead.